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Raising the Bar – The Right Bartending Service for your event

When in the market for a good bartending service in Jacksonville, there is one thing you should keep in mind: a good bar will either make your event or break it. The following pointers will help you choose a bartending service that will give you value for your money.

  1. Matters of Experience

This is the question that you need to ask, before getting down to the brass tacks. The answer to this will be the decisive factor on whether you’re going to waste your time or move on to the next service. Good bartending services will have some experience under their belt and would preferably have been working in the hospitality industry for some time.

  1. Matters of Staff

The next important thing is the team making up this bartending service. To find out what exactly you’d be getting, you might want to start by visiting an event to which they are providing their services. Here’s what you should be looking for:

A clean hygienic bar is maintained throughout the event.

A professional bartending services will only hire experts or train newbies until they acquire that level and a professional bartender will never allow a dirty bar.

A professional attitude

Professional bartenders are going to behave er professionally to create an environment that your guests will appreciate, however since they are a part of the hospitality industry, they’ll do so with a good attitude. Politeness, like smiling when greeting your guests is a plus point. Another would be patience. Being able to function as a cohesive unit and use teamwork to pull the event off are yet others.

Dexterity and Expertise

A knowledge of preparing different cocktails and the sense to mix new ones to your guests’ desires with dexterity. This is the kind of bartending service you should be looking for.

Handling Stressful Situations

We all have family members who don’t hold their alcohol too well and this might become problematic, if the bartender does not how to handle stressful situations. He must not only anticipate the troublemakers —it’d help tremendously, if you mention such guests beforehand— but also know what to do once they get to it.


Ask if the bartending service has a sommelier or a cicerone on their staff. A sommelier is a wine expert while a cicerone has received training about beers.

  1. Liquor Catering License

Most bartending service companies will not have one, which means they cannot supply liquor legally. Only caterers with an off-site liquor-catering license can do so. If the bartending service you have hired is offering to do so, ask for a license!

  1. Cash Bars

Cash bars mean that guests can order drinks by paying for them versus an open bar where they drink for free. For a cash bar, the service would need a Special Events Liquor License. Stay informed!

  1. Ice

An important item for any party but often overlooked until needed! Ask your bartending service to get it for you and ye shall receive. Well, most good services do offer to do this for their customers.

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We had our house warming party and hired A Great Bartender Service for our Christmas party and Sandra the bartender was awesome I would recommend using them anythime.
We had our house warming party and hired A Great Bartender Service for our Christmas party and Sandra the bartender was awesome I would recommend using them anythime.


I could not be happier with the staff at A Great Bartender. They got there early set up everything and even helped me do some extra stuff. And then the drinks where flowing and the best what a great service
I could not be happier with the staff at A Great Bartender. They got there early set up everything and even helped me do some extra stuff. And then the drinks where flowing and the best what a great service

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Thanks to the funniest bartender that we have ever had at a private function, he was awesome and made a very good drink.
Thanks to the funniest bartender that we have ever had at a private function, he was awesome and made a very good drink.

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